• Alpha Ranger
    Season 1
    No. In Season No. In Series Episode Name First Aired
    1 1 "Tumble Tower" July 15, 2014
    2 2 "The Machine" TBA
    3 3 "Beat The Heat" TBA
    4 4 "The Bet" TBA
    5 5

    6 6

    7 7

    8 8

    9 9

    10 10

    11 11

    12 12

    13 13

    14 14

    15 15

    16 16

    17 17

    18 18

    19 19

    20 20

    21 21

    22 22

    23 23

    24 24

    25 25

    26 26

    27 27

    28 28

    29 29

    30 30

    31 31

    32 32

    33 33

    34 34

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  • Alpha Ranger

    LIst Of Dogs:













    Apollo: Ok I know a 12 dog trio thing. It's crazy. I love all 12 of us being friends and going on quests and are owner Noah. Yes we can talk. Don't ask. Anyway, I am the leader I like to play games I am playful and I just kind of go with the flow.

    Apex: I love the 12 dogs. I can be shy at times. Just around new people I love are owner. I am the one of the group who Is Happy like a lot!

    Bengy: I am the one who just talks and I am brave so is my Best Best Best Friend out of the 12 Lucky. I like doing the quest we do and we also live in A HUGEEEEEEEEEEEEEE Doghouse with lots lots of rooms it also has a cafeteria we go to. Where we eat whenever.

    Duncan: I am the one who g…

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  • Wrath96

    I`ve beeen real busy with school. I won`t be very active during the weekdays.

    sorry about that.

    Also, race, if you would like to become an admin, I will gladly make you an admin, as soon as I get b`crat rights.

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  • Wrath96

    Ok, so, we`ve got anything thats not in minecraft already.... Thats right! That means you get to make it up! Anyhting from mobs, to blocks, to fanfictions, to people, We`ve got it all! Plus, we`ve got two active admins that are on every day(Includes me). So what are you waiting for?!?!?!? Come and share your minecraft ideas with us today!


    fanon wiki Minecraft fanon wiki

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  • Wrath96

    Fanfictions! All of em!

    August 5, 2012 by Wrath96

    I think we should be able to put our fanfics up here. And not just minecarft fanfics! All of em!

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  • Race6000

    Why do I feel...

    August 3, 2012 by Race6000

    That we need a Server for this wiki? XD

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  • Race6000

    I like to think of it as both an RP wiki, and a pure fannon wiki. XD

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  • Race6000

    Just for the badge. :3

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