"Target: Steve. Entering battle mode. Why am I talking like this?"-Cyper

Created by


Cyper is a robotic Creeper, created by John Hiss. He was intended to defend John's lab.


Shortly after Steve attacked, John Hiss decided that his lab needed good security. So he made his Defender Creeper Droids. One of those, who, unlike the others, had a personality. When John discovered this, he realised that he should name this one DCD (Defender Creeper Droids). He then named this DCD Cyper. Cyper would later help John do many things.


He has a brave personality, and isn't afraid to battle over 9,000 enemies. He still follows orders from John Hiss, though.


  • Cyper was inspired by the character Shard from Archie Comics "Sonic the Hedgehog" comics.

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